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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well.
You have     left to complete this ONLINE TEST   
Online Sample Driving Test - Driving License
 1. "On Mountain roads and steep slopes "  
 "Vehicle going uphill gets rights of way"
 "Vehicle doing slow hill gets rights of way"
 "Both pass by each other simultaneously"
 "The larger vehicles get rights of way"
 2. A high beam in foggy conditions  
 Is good because you can see more
 Is bad because it reflects back
 Ensures others can see you
 None of these
 3. Pillion passenger should  
 Lean with the rider when going round bends and corners
 Give the rider directions
 Check the road behind for the rider
 Give hand signals for the rider
 4. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Falling Rocks
 Men at Work
 5. When turning left you  
 Get right of way
 Can overtake all traffic
 Have to give way to all, specially pedestrians
 Can overtake only cyclists.
 6. You can overtake from the left  
 If the driver does'nt give way from the right
 At any time
 If the vehicle ahead indicates right turn
 None of these
 7. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Left Hand Curve
 Right Hand Curve
 Hair Pin Bend Right
 Compulsory Ahead Only
 8. Keeping your foot on the clutch will  
 Result in more fuel wastage
 Ruin your clutch plate
 Make you driving smoother
 A & B
 9. To drive on the road, learners must  
 Have taken professional instruction.
 Have a valid Learners License
 Apply for a driving test within 12 Months
 None of these
 10. Horns are allowed to be  
 Multi-toned and harsh or shrill
 Use indiscriminately
 Used near hospitals and schools
 Used only when essential
 11. What is the most important factor in causing road accidents ?  
 Driver Error
 Weather conditions
 Road conditions
 Mechanical failure
 12. Which one of the following are correct ? When Overtaking at night you should  
 Sound your horn twice before moving out.
 Beware of bends in the road ahead
 Wait until a bend so you can see the oncoming head lights
 Be careful because you can see less
 13. Who is responsible for making sure a vehicle is not overloaded ?  
 The owner of the vehicle.
 The owner of the items being carried
 The person who loaded the vehicle
 The driver of the vehicle
 14. When must you use a dipped headlight during the day ?  
 Poor Visibility
 On country roads
 Along narrow streets
 15. " A red traffic light means "  
 You must slow down and prepare to stop if traffic has started to cross.
 You may drive straight ON if there is no other traffic
 You may turn left if it is safe to do so
 You must stop behind the white stop Line
 16. You are riding a motorcycle in very hot weather. You should  
 Continue to wear helmet
 Ride with your visor fully open
 Wear trainers instead of boots
 Slacken your helmet strap
 17. " You are driving in traffic at the permitted speed limit for the road. The driver behind is trying to overtake. You should "  
 Keep a steady course and allow the driver behind to overtake
 Move closer to the car ahead, so the driver behind has no room to overtake.
 Wave the driver behind to overtake when it is safe.
 Accelerate to get away from the driver behind.
 18. For which one should you use hazard warning lights ?  
 When you slowed down quickly on a road because of a hazard ahead.
 When you wish to stop on double yellow lines.
 When you need to park by the roadside in emergency.
 None of these
 19. How long is a learner's license valid for ?  
 One Month
 One Year
 Six Months
 Life Time
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