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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well.
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Online Sample Driving Test - Driving License
 1. You are about to reverse into a side road. A Pedestrian wishes to cross behind you. You should  
 Give way to the Pedestrian
 Wave the Pedestrian to STOP
 Wave the Pedestrian to Cross
 Reverse before the Pedestrian starts to Cross.
 2. When should you switch on your hazard warning lights ?  
 When you cannot avoid causing an obstruction
 When you are driving slowly due to bad weather
 When you are towing a broken down vehicle
 When you are parked on double yellow lines.
 3. You are following a large lorry on a wet road. Spray makes it difficult to see. You should  
 Put your headlights on Full Beam.
 Drop back until you can see better
 Keep close to the lorry, away from the spray.
 Speedup and overtake quickly
 4. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Horn Prohibited
 Overtaking Prohibited
 Straight Prohibited or No Entry
 " U " Turn Prohibited
 5. You passed your driving test in the first go. It means  
 You are an excellent Driver
 Take it easy, The roads are not predictable
 You can be confident and do what you want on the roads
 None of these
 7. You are involved in an accident. A passenger in another vehicle is slightly injured. Do you have to report it to the Police ?  
 No. The injured passenger should decide whether to report it or Not .
 Yes. You must report it within 28 Days
 Yes. You must report it to the police as soon as possible, within 24 Hours.
 No. Slight Injuries should not involve Police
 8. Which document(s) is/are essential to keep while driving ?  
 Driving License
 Road Tax Certificate
 Registration Certificate
 All of the above
 9. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 " U " Turn prohibited
 Left Turn Prohibited
 Right Turn Prohibited.
 Overtaking Prohibited
 10. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Compulsory Ahead or Turn Left
 Compulsory Turn Left Ahead
 Compulsory Turn Right Ahead
 None of these
 11. What is the most important factor in causing road accidents ?  
 Driver Error
 Weather conditions
 Road conditions
 Mechanical failure
 12. The registration mark of your vehicle should be written in English  
 Is not important, Any Indian language will do.
 Is not compulsory
 Is absolutely necessary.
 Should be avoided in our country
 13. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Compulsory Ahead or Turn Right
 Right Reverse Bend
 Left Reverse Bend.
 None of these
 14. Horns are allowed to be  
 Multi-toned and harsh or shrill
 Use indiscriminately
 Used near hospitals and schools
 Used only when essential
 15. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Falling Rocks
 " Y " Intersection
 None of these
 16. When entering a main road  
 Move ON, you have the right of the way
 Stop, Look and Go
 Slow down, Blow Horn and Move On
 None of these
 17. You are the first person to arrive at an accident where people are badly injured. Which one of these you should not do ?  
 Switch ON your own hazard lights
 Make sure someone telephones for an ambulance
 Get people who are not injured clear of the scene
 None of these
 18. You want to turn right at a Junction but you think your indicators cannot be seen clearly. What should you do ?  
 Give an arm signal as well as an indicator signal
 Get out and check if your indicators can be seen.
 Stay in the left hand lane
 Keep well over to the right
 19. You are about to go down a steep hill. To control the speed of your vehicle you should  
 Select low gear and use the brakes carefully
 Select a high gear and use the brakes carefully
 Select the high gear and use the brakes firmly
 Select a low gear and avoid using the brakes.
 20. Who is responsible for making sure a vehicle is not overloaded ?  
 The owner of the vehicle.
 The owner of the items being carried
 The person who loaded the vehicle
 The driver of the vehicle
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