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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well.
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Online Sample Driving Test - Driving License
 1. You can overtake from the left  
 If the driver does'nt give way from the right
 At any time
 If the vehicle ahead indicates right turn
 None of these
 2. What does this sign mean ?
 Straight Prohibited or No Entry
 Give Way
 One way sign
 None of these
 3. You are driving on a two-lane street, the vehicle in front of you is moving very slowly, and the road ahead is clear for overtaking, You should:  
 Pass the vehicle from the left hand side.
 Pass the vehicle from the convenient side.
 Pass the vehicle from the right hand side.
 Blow horn until the vehicle in the front slows down and gives pass.
 5. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Compulsory Turn Left
 Compulsory Turn Left Ahead
 Compulsory ahead or Turn Left
 None of these
 6. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Hair Pin Bend Right
 Right Hand Curve
 Right Reserve Bend
 General design
 7. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Pedestrian Crossing
 Loose Gravel
 Steep Descent
 School Ahead
 8. Road surface is important to motor cyclists. Which of these are more likely to reduce the stability of your machine ?  
 Drain Covers
 Oil patches
 All of these
 9. Who must you show your driving license on demand ?  
 A Uniformed Police Officer
 A third party after an accident
 A Vehicle Inspector
 A & C
 10. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Steep Descent
 Wide Road Ahead
 Slippery Road
 Steep Ascent
 11. You must stop when signalled to do so by which one of these ?  
 A red traffic light
 A pedestrian
 A bus driver
 None of these
 12. You should Not Drive if  
 You feel tired or unwell
 Suffer from Cramps
 You suffer from fever
 All of these
 13. Different relative speeds are because  
 All kinds of vehicles are on the same roads
 Everyone is not in a hurry
 People don't follow their own Lanes
 Buses take up a lot of space
 14. You are riding along a main road with many side roads. Why should you be particularly careful ?  
 Drivers will be travelling slowly when they approach a junction.
 Gusts of wind from side roads may push you off course.
 Drivers coming out from side roads may not see you
 The roads will be more slippery where cars are turning
 15. On a road with a Solid and Broken Line you cannot  
 Overtake when Adjacent to the Broken Line
 Overtake when Adjacent to the Solid Line
 Make Left Turn Manoeuvers
 None of these
 16. While driving, to make right turn, the proper hand signal is:  
 Extend right palm in a horizontal position outside of and to the right of vehicle with palm of the hand turned to the front.
 Extend right arm rotate in anti-clockwise direction.
 Extend right arm with palm downward and more up and down several times.
 Turn ‘ON’ the hazard lights and blow horn while waving the left hand to pass traffic from left.
 17. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Steep Ascent
 Slippery Road
 Steep Descent
 Loose Gravel
 18. " You are about to drive but feel ill. You should "  
 Not drive
 Take suitable medicine before driving
 Shorten the journey if you can
 Primise yourself an early night
 19. You are passing by a bus from the right from which passengers are alighting. You should  
 Speed up to avoid them
 Slow down and be prepared to stop
 Use your horn and keep going
 None of these
 20. On a road with a single broken line where traffic is travelling in opposite directions, you can  
 Move in either Lane
 Stick to your Lane and Overtake with care
 Overtake from the Left
 None of these
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