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  "Thanks again for a wonderful site and for helping me pass my motorcycle test!" Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh.  
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Shri. Venkateshwarlu, Joint Transport Commissioner, Hyderabad Road Transport Authority, has officially launched India's FIRST Online Sample Drivers License practice test website (DrivingTest.in) on 14th October 2009 at News Services Syndicate, Hyderabad. This website contains the Driving Test Track pictures and procedures as well.
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Online Sample Driving Test - Driving License
 1. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Loose Gravel
 Slippery Road
 Pedestrian Crossing
 None of these
 2. When you are overtaking a cyclist you should leave as much room as you would give a car. Why is this ?  
 The cyclist might get off the bike
 The cyclist might change lanes
 The cyclist might swerve
 The cyclist might have to make a right turn
 3. You are riding along a main road with many side roads. Why should you be particularly careful ?  
 Drivers will be travelling slowly when they approach a junction.
 Gusts of wind from side roads may push you off course.
 Drivers coming out from side roads may not see you
 The roads will be more slippery where cars are turning
 4. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Restriction ends sign
 Load Limit
 Axle Load Limit
 None of these
 5. While driving, to make right turn, the proper hand signal is:  
 Extend right palm in a horizontal position outside of and to the right of vehicle with palm of the hand turned to the front.
 Extend right arm rotate in anti-clockwise direction.
 Extend right arm with palm downward and more up and down several times.
 Turn ‘ON’ the hazard lights and blow horn while waving the left hand to pass traffic from left.
 6. You are approaching a crossing and the light has just changed from green to yellow. You should  
 Accelerate Immediately
 Blow Horn and Pass
 Slow Down and Stop
 None of these
 8. Where traffic lights do not work Traffic Policeman regulates traffic. This man is to  
 Beckoning vehicles from the front
 Beckoning vehicles from the Back
 Telling vehicles from the front to stop
 None of these
 9. You are driving along a street with parked vehicles on the left-hand side. You should check for  
 Vehicles pulling out
 Driver's doors may open
 Children may run out from between the vehicles
 So that ON coming traffic can see you more clearly
 10. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Dangerous Dip
 Major Road Ahead
 Round About
 None of These
 11. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 " U " Turn prohibited
 Left Turn Prohibited
 Right Turn Prohibited
 None of these
 12. What does this sign mean ?
 One way signs
 All Motor Vehicles Prohibited
 Vehicles Prohibited in both direction
 None of these
 13. You want to turn right from a junction but your view is restricted by parked vehicles. What should you do ?  
 Stop, then move slowly forward until you have a clear view
 Move out quickly, but be prepared to stop
 Sound your horn and pull out if there is not reply
 Stop, get out and look along the main road to check.
 14. Who must you show your driving license on demand ?  
 A Uniformed Police Officer
 A third party after an accident
 A Vehicle Inspector
 A & C
 15. You are following a large lorry on a wet road. Spray makes it difficult to see. You should  
 Put your headlights on Full Beam.
 Drop back until you can see better
 Keep close to the lorry, away from the spray.
 Speedup and overtake quickly
 16. You must stop when signalled to do so by which one of these ?  
 A red traffic light
 A pedestrian
 A bus driver
 None of these
 17. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Slippery Road
 Cycle Crossing
 Loose Gravel
 School Ahead
 18. What does this Traffic sign mean ?
 Side Road Left
 Side Road Right
 " Y " Intersection
 None of These
 19. " The first thing you should do when you want to overtake a long vehicle is "  
 Stay well back to get a better view
 Move close behind so you can pass quickly
 Keep in close to the left hand side
 Flash your headlights and wait for the driver to wave you on
 20. You are on a long, downhill slope. What should you do to help control the speed of your vehicle ?  
 Select a low gear
 Grip the steering wheel tightly
 Select neutral
 Put the clutch down.
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